We had heard earlier that the Star Ocean RPG series would appear on the PSP, but we had no real details concerning the endeavor. Now, courtesy of several slides from a Japanese press conference, it seems there won't be just one title, but two. Two remakes, that is.

The original Star Ocean for the SNES and Star Ocean: The 2nd Story for the PS1 will arrive on the PSP at some point this year (we think). Furthermore, Star Ocean 4 is in development for an "unspecified platform." We assume it's for the PS3, but Tri-Ace is also working on an exclusive Xbox 360 RPG, Infinite Undiscovery , so we don't really know…

No information yet on when the two remakes might show up in Japan or North America, and we have yet to hear more about the next-gen Star Ocean , but it's good to know more classic returns are on the way for Sony's handheld.

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