Those of you keeping track of UMD video releases for the PSP can add one more to the list.

Columbia-Tristar (which is owned by Sony) plans to release a UMD containing the full run of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series on June 14, 2005. List price is $19.95.

Now, in the interest of clarity, we have to inform you that this isn't the animated series that's currently running on FOX. It's actually the cel-shaded, computer-rendered series that aired on MTV during 2003-2004. Hollywood voice talent includes Neil Patrick Harris as the voice of Spidey/Peter, Lisa Loeb as Mary Jane Watson, and Ian Ziering as Harry Osbourne. Guest voices throughout the season include Gina Gershon, Matt Dillon, and Stan Lee.

The UMD will include all 13 18-minute episodes. However, it will not contain the audio commentaries or extras included with the currently-available DVD set, which spans two-discs and retails for $24.95.

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series is the 16th property to be scheduled for release on the UMD format.

Previously announced and forthcoming (May, June) titles include:

House Of Flying Daggers
Kill Bill Vol 1
National Treasure
Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Open Water
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Punisher
Reign Of Fire
Resident Evil Apocalypse
Terminator 2
Van Wilder