We just brought you the unveiling of Square-Enix's original next-generation RPG franchise, The Last Remnant , but with their 2007 Party right around the corner, the news continues to flow.

The latest announcement concerns the PSP, as the RPG gurus have officially announced Final Fantasy Dissidia (source: IGN ), which is – apparently – part of the super-popular franchise's 20th Anniversary celebration.

Square-Enix has launched a teaser page that provides us with some baseline information on the game, and it's here we learn the revered Tetsuya Nomura is taking care of the character design for Dissidia . However, we hesitate to call it "role-playing," because the site labels this title as "Dramatic Progressive Action"…whatever that is.

For now, we're stuck with the expected "TBA" for a Japanese release, and there's no word yet if the game will make it to other regions. But we know you want to check out the official page to view all the teaser goodies, so have fun. It may not satisfy you, but hey, you won't have long to wait for more info: further details should arrive this weekend.

Anybody else ready to party?

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