The PSP has already experienced an official price cut, but that's apparently not enough for a couple UK online retailers. As PSP Fanboy reports, both and have dropped the price of Sony's portable by £10 to £119.99.

Both also offer bundles priced at £159.99, which isn't really saving the consumer anything, as games cost thirty quid in the first place. But as for the system itself, another price drop is just more good news for potential purchasers. Furthermore, you're not limited to the standard black model; both Amazon and Play have the white version for the lower price, and Amazon features the pink model as well. So now, the PSP is only £20 more than the Nintendo DS at those retailers.

There is one other little news tidbit: supposedly, Amazon is offering a PSP with one game for £139.99, according to an e-mail they send out. However, this can't be found on their site, so it's not confirmed. It'd be another good deal, though…

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