Okay, so we know about the PlayStation Eye , but what about the PSP? We've been hearing all about a little camera for Sony's handheld, but until now, we had no idea when it might arrive.

Well, according to Joystiq , Sony has officially announced the launch date for their PSP camera, which is cleverly called, Go!Cam. Unfortunately, the May 16 date is only for PAL territories; we still don't know when it will hit North American shores (although we're hoping it's soon). This little unit will go for €49.99 (about £34.99 in the UK, or about $68 US), which may or may not prove to be a reasonable price tag.

Much like the Eye, the Go!Cam comes equipped with a microphone and a piece of editing software; Go!Edit, which is "an editing software package that allows users to save and edit photos, video and audio clips." So it sounds awfully similar to the Eye, which is probably a good thing; PSP owners don't have to complain about not getting the same bells and whistles with their peripheral. We'll let you know when they announce a U.S. release for the Go!Cam.

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