SCEA announced today they're bringing the now-legendary music/rhythm game, PaRappa the Rapper , to the PSP. After debuting over a decade ago on the PS1, the game launched itself into the stratosphere, and helped spawn a whole new genre of video games; a genre that now includes smash hit titles like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero .

This is a remake of the original game for Sony's handheld, and it will feature all the characters, levels and songs included in that groundbreaking title. It will also boast several new PSP-exclusive features, like the ability to use four PSPs to go head-to-head in ad-hoc battles. You'll also be able to access the PSP Infrastructure Mode to download eight additional playable remixes to try.

"Bringing PaRappa The Rapper to PSP allows true PlayStation fans to re-connect with this timeless classic," said John Koller, Senior Marketing Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment America. "This also introduces the beloved PaRappa and his cast of colorful friends to a new generation of fans and potential hip-hop stars on the move."

The game will arrive on North American shores in July, so get ready for some classic rappin' fun with your favorite little virtual rapper!

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