Even though our software chart was covered with Sony software,
the hardware results haven't changed much. The Nintendo DS is
reportedly selling so well, that it's practically a sell out in
Japan. Likewise, tracking down a Nintendo Wii is downright a
journey. The DS sold 111k units, and the Wii took in another
52.5k with a supply constraint. The PSP has slipped off from its
consistent pace of ~40k units, down to 31.5k. The PS3 is
practically lifeless at 14.5k consoles sold, with absolutely no
noteworthy software in sight for months. A reported boost in
Nintendo Wii shipment should make next week's numbers quite
interesting. Stay posted.

Nintendo DS 110,935
Nintendo Wii 52,583
Sony PSP 31,503
Sony PS3 14,520
Sony PS2 14,234
Xbox 360 2,963

March 26th-April 1st :
Nintendo DS 79,897
Nintendo Wii 51,365
Sony PSP 39,077
Sony PS2 17,787
Sony PS3 16,889
Xbox 360 3,889

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