The PSP finally dives into the Naruto realm. Today, Namco Bandai has announced the popular animated TV series will have its first PSP title this summer: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes . It's a team-based fighting game that includes up to six characters in the single-player adventure, or for wireless multiplayer fun. There will be 8 total stages and a grand total of 20 playable characters to select from, so Naruto fans should be plenty satisfied.

CyberConnect2 is at the helm for this one, and they're allowing for plenty of customization on the player end. The player will be able to create their own ninja team for battle, and you'll soon find that certain characters have secret combo attacks. For those who like the TV show, there should be plenty to do, and the ability to trade profiles wirelessly should also be a big draw.

We don't have an exact release date just yet, but "this summer" is close enough for now.

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