Pool isn't a game that should come with a Mature rating, but it is when you throw in some scantily clad chicks. We found out last month that Pocket Pool for the PSP is on the way, and according to a representative at Conspiracy Entertainment, the game would come with the Girls Gone Wild license. In other words, we could expect all kinds of hot, partially nude models.

Well, we can still expect that, but without the provocative license. Eidos never really mentioned any Girls Gone Wild agreement, despite the rep's words, and finally, the publisher has cleared things up. As it turns out, they never did get the license.

"While I can confirm that the Girls Gone Wild license was in consideration for Pocket Pool, an agreement was not formally signed," an Eidos representative told GameSpot. "The coverage you have seen was premature…."

Well, damn. But then again, we were never really sure what that license would've done, exactly. They're still going to have the models, and the goal is still the same: win games to unlock galleries and video clips of said hotties. And it's still rated "M," and it's still slated for release next month. So it's not a huge deal, but we suppose it would've been cool to boast the Girls Gone Wild label.

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