Hot on the heels of the Jeanne d'Arc announcement earlier today, yet another deep PSP title has come to light: XSEED's Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground , which is scheduled to be released this July. The game allows the player to create their own customized environments for some hack 'n slash fun, and it sounds similar to the PS1's cult classic, RPG Maker .

There is a storyline in this one, however, as you'll follow the adventures of a novice dungeon maker, who must find a way to protect his town. Monsters are constantly attacking from every direction, so the young hero grabs a plot of land just outside the town and gets to building. A fortress? Nope, a dungeon, so he can lure the monsters – and their master, the Wandering Demon – away from his home. The ultimate goal will be to defeat the head Demon, of course, but we assume how you build your dungeon will directly impact the game.

You'll have all kinds of building materials at your disposal, and you'll even be able to share your work with friends across the PSP network. Any battles you encounter will be fought in real-time, with the ability to attack via melee and ranged weapons, as well as with magic spells. In this way, it sounds similar to a dungeon crawler like Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance , so if we fuse that with the RPG Maker philosophy, we end up with a very intriguing premise.

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