Today, SCEA has announced the North American release of Level 5's strategy/RPG, Jeanne d'Arc for the PSP this August. The game is said to include a "diverse combat and gameplay system," as players will battle their way through a world that cleverly blends history and fantasy. Obviously, as indicated by the title, the storyline is inspired by – perhaps not exactly based on – the real-life Joan of Arc.

This one should be plenty deep, as it features over 40 hours of gameplay with plenty of characters, massive encounters, and pretty locales.

"With the introduction of Jeanne d'Arc for PSP, Level-5 now brings their high standard of game development excellence to the portable world," said Jeff Reese, Director, Software Marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "The team has managed to create an action filled, mythical adventure that RPG fans and gamers alike will take anywhere they feel like playing, further adding depth to the ever expanding lineup of PSP software."

The historical side of the story is clear, but the fantasy side revolves around demonic armies laying siege to Jeanne's homeland. But five brave heroes created magical armlets that could destroy the invaders – "Lord of the Rings"-ish, isn't it? – and the young warrior must listen to the voices that tell her to reclaim an armlet for the good of her people. 40 hours, 40 "expansive and highly detailed" environments, up to 14 characters to gain control of, a strategic turn-based battle system, full customization with over 150 different skills and abilities…yep, this one is truly loaded.

Just don't be offended, English gamers. As part of the story, France are the "good guys," defending themselves against the invading demon armies of the English. At least, that's kinda what it sounded like in the description.

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