We're all plenty excited about the FFT remake on the PSP, entitled Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War , but now we're even more excited: Square-Enix confirmed with IGN today that the game would feature – get this – multiplayer!

Two-player matches will pit one team against another (Blue vs. Red), and you'll each have a set number of turns so you can't just run around in circles all day, playing keep-away. The game is scheduled to release in Japan next month, but the publisher hasn't yet confirmed a North American release date…which is frustrating for Tactics fans.

But that's okay; for now, we're just happy with this news. How often have we played the game in the past, only to wonder, "how sweet would it be if I could test my team against another human -controlled team?" The time to throw down is a-comin' soon, though, and we can't wait!

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