If you're a fan of the acclaimed Call of Duty franchise, Activision has you covered this week. No, seriously, they got you covered .

Three CoD titles hit stores this week, led by the brand new Call of Duty: Roads to Victory for the PSP. Developed by Amaze Entertainment, this one could be one hell of a great addition to the handheld's library, especially if they can faithfully recreate the WWII intensity the series is so well known for.

They're also releasing the Call of Duty 3: Gold Edition for the Xbox 360, which unfortunately carries the same $59.99 price tag. However, we get a special code that grants us access to a free map pack on the Xbox Live Marketplace, so that's a definite bonus. And if you have some catching up to do, you could always spring for Call of Duty 2: Platinum Hits Expanded Edition for the more reasonable price of $29.99, also on the 360. This one includes a cool bonus DVD that features missions walkthroughs, among other extras.

If you're heading to the store today, you should know that all three of these titles should already be there. So this be the week for you, CoD fanatics!

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