When the PSP GPS adapter came out last year, we figured it'd be more popular by now. But without the games to go along with it, the little unit just hasn't been flying off the shelves. However, that should be subject to change very soon, as the latest edition of Famitsu lists an official release date for the much-anticipated GPS update to Minna no Golf (we know it as Hot Shots Golf ).

It's called Minna no Golf Ba Vol.1 , and it will retail for the somewhat expensive price of 5,980 yen. We say that because in addition to being 1,000 yen higher than most PSP games, this one doesn't even come with the GPS unit. You can, however, purchase the game and unit together in a bundle package, which will retail for 9,980 yen. Both are slated to release on May 31.

Obviously, as this is "Volume 1," we have to conclude there will be more games in the franchise, but Sony hasn't commented on this yet. At the very least, PSP owners will finally have a decent reason to pick up the GPS adapter.

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