It probably took a lot longer than Sony would have wanted, but the PSP finally has its first million-seller. We told you last week that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd had sold 700,000 copies in its first week, making it the fastest-selling PSP game in history, and we speculated one million wasn't far off. It was a fair speculation. The game is now not only the fastest selling, but also the best selling, and has the distinction of being the first platinum title for Sony's handheld.

Only released on February 22, the game allowed the PSP to do something the Sega Dreamcast never did by sporting a one million-selling game. We don't know the exact sales numbers for Monster Hunter , but they'll be released on Thursday with the Media Create update. Japanese gamers never need the series explained to them, but U.S. gamers might be scratching their heads in consternation… Monster Hunter ? Sold a million? Really? Yes, really. It's like Gundam over there (except it's actually a pretty good game).

And to top it all off, probably due to the massive success of the sequel, the original Monster Hunter Portable might soon surpass the million mark as well, making the franchise proud owners of the only two platinum games on the PSP. Not surprisingly, Capcom plans to stick with the series, as they'll produce a mobile version, Monster Hunter 3 for the PS3, and even an MMO for the PC. Oh yeah, and at some point, I'm sure we can see another installment on the PSP.

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