Here's something I didn't see coming, sales of the PSP soaring
into the magical 6-digit figure that only Nintendo's DS has been
seeing. Thanks to the immense sales of Capcom's Monster Hunter
Portable 2nd, Sony's PSP jumped nearly 70k units in sales and
took in over 100k systems sold. That's a pretty impressive
number, without a doubt; but the question is will the momentum
remain? In any case, the Nintendo DS continues to march on
gallantly with 136k units sold, and the Nintendo Wii takes in
another 78.5k consoles. The PS3 continues to hover around the 20k
mark, as it only took 19k last week. The things to look for next
week will be the PSP's sales, will it keep its momentum. And also
the PS3's sales, as Gundam Musou was released today…it'll be
interesting to see if the game makes any sort of impact for the

Nintendo DS: 136,128

Sony PSP: 100,210

Nintendo Wii: 78,506

Sony PlayStation 3: 19,315

Sony PlayStation 2: 15,054

Microsoft Xbox360: 4,183

1. Nintendo DS – 136,999

2. Nintendo Wii – 63,618

3. Sony PSP – 34,505

4. Sony PlayStation 3 – 20,676

5. Sony PlayStation 2 – 16,192

6. Microsoft Xbox 360 – 5,210

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