It's one of the biggest and best cult classics out there; it will never have the some recognition or popularity of other Final Fantasy installments, but its loyal following of fans is second to none. And after Square-Enix announced the Final Fantasy Tactics remake for the PSP, all those followers leaped about three feet in the air.

But at the time of the announcement, we didn't have a release date or a price, and that's always frustrating. But you needn't worry, FFT fans, Square-Enix has officially dated and priced the remake: the latest issue of Famitsu unveils the date as May 10 and the price as 4,800 yen.

It's a faithful remake of the original PS1 classic, with a few nice additions. Most importantly, we'll get two brand new classes (one of which is Dark Knight, so we can finally fight Gafgarion on his own terms), a couple new cut-scenes, and even a new name: "Shishi Sensou," which translates to The Lion War . For those of you who are familiar with the game, that makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, we still don't have any info regarding a U.S. release for the Final Fantasy Tactics remake. Perhaps we could hope for a similar release window…? 'crosses fingers'

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