As we all know, certain games are just made for the Japanese market, while the rest of the world is on the outside looking in. Perhaps we just don't understand the fascination, but for whatever reason, games likes Monster Hunter are simply huge in Japan, but barely recognized in the U.S. and Europe. The latest in that long-running series, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd for the PSP, has officially sold 700,000 units in its first week of availability in Japan.

And of course, considering how much more popular the Nintendo DS is than the PSP in Japan, this makes the game the fastest-selling PSP title…ever. With the fast start, there is a possibility Monster Hunter Portable 2nd could eventually become the best selling PSP title in the handheld's short history in Japan.

As one final note, the same source that unveiled this information today – Japanese gaming site Mainichi Interactive – reports that PSP hardware sales have done well over the past week. Sony has even released a gold-colored PSP to commemorate the big game's release, but the most popular colors remain blue and silver. 2006 was a solid year for Sony's handheld, and slowly but surely, it's starting to make up ground with each passing month.

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