Last week, I brought you a report of a God of War title being
developed for the PSP by the folks who brought us PSP's Daxter:
Ready at Dawn. Well, today their homepage saw an update that has
managed to catch some eyes. When clicking on the Daxter banner
displayed at the top of the site, it takes you a little page
featuring some screenshots of the game. But to the right is a
column that lists "Daxter" and "Unannounced PSP
Title". Clicking on that leads to what basically confirms a
God of War game for the PSP. Take a look at the screenshots
captured below and keep reading:

The shots indicate two clear and obvious things: the font is
identical to the font used for the God of War logo. And the pool
of blood that collects inside the banner practically gives it
away. So with last week's slip from a developer at Ready at Dawn
and now this, it's become obvious that God of War is coming to
the PSP. Likewise, it isn't expected to be a port of the
original, either. The wind's saying this is going to be a new
adventure designed from the ground-up for the PSP. And just like
that, I can hear Ben's wallet cry.

Ready at Dawn's website is located at:

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