We love talking about rumors as boiling hot as this. And I know that our very own Ben Dutka is probably doing back-flips at the thought of a God of War on-the-go. But that thought is quickly turning into a reality, as the rumor mill is churning some very serious indications that a God of War game is currently in development for the PSP by Ready at Dawn. Ready at Dawn are the same talented folk who brought us the amazingly sharp Daxter, so God of War is in good hands. Really, when your team consists of former Naughty Dog and Blizzard Entertainment employees, you've got something special.

The rumor has also gained credence as a Spanish gaming site called MeriStation reported that they've been tipped off by someone from Ready at Dawn about the existence of a GOW PSP game. Additionally, a designer from the developer, who frequents the popular NeoGAF forum, hasn't denied these allegations. But more importantly, neither has Ready at Dawn's CEO, who calmly states that the developer has something very cool in store for us, and that it'll be announced shortly.

While it's too early to jump the gun, the pieces fit. David Jaffe, God of War creator, mentioned months back he was working on a PSP game. And now of course we have these bits emerging, and everything is now adding up. A God of War PSP title is inevitable, and we should hopefully be seeing it soon. Stay posted!

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