Perhaps you've seen them on the train or the bus, fiddling with their iPods or playing their PSPs or DSs. Normally, this doesn't pose a problem, except for perhaps the person themselves, as their attention is averted for a while. But when these gadget-lovers just can't look away long enough to stay safe, bad things can happen.

Apparently, this possibility is enough to scare New York. State Senator Carl Kruger told Reuters today that three Brooklyn pedestrians have been killed since September…but the fact they were killed isn't the issue; it's how they were killed. It seems they made a tragic misstep while their attention was on their hands, and in one case, the victim never heard the cries of "watch out!" from fellow passerby.

"What's happening is when they're tuning into their iPod or BlackBerry or cell phone or video game, they're walking into speeding buses and moving automobiles," said Kruger. "It's becoming a nationwide problem."

Therefore, the state has introduced legislation that will ban the use of electronic gadgets, and that includes BlackBerrys, mobile phones, iPods, and yes, portable game units like the PSP and DS, while crossing the road. If you violate this common sense law, you could be facing a $100 fine.

We'll just go ahead and file this under the category, "laws that are so absurdly obvious, any sane or rational individual would automatically abide by it."

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