Square-Enix has been working on Final Fantasy 's 20th Anniversary, and while we know a little of what it consists of, we never knew exactly when the those original remakes would arrive for the PSP. But now, Final Fantasy – initially released way back when for the NES and Famicom – has nailed down a Japanese release date and price: April 19, for 3,800 yen.

As more good news, it appears the PSP remake of Final Fantasy II isn't too far off, as Square-Enix says we can expect to have a Japanese release date by the end of May. Both remakes are designed to make fans of the beloved franchise salivate with nostalgia and anticipation, as they'll boast revamped graphics and even several gameplay upgrades. Those who played the previous remakes for the GBA and/or the PS1 will be familiar with the changes; they'll be the same enhancements in the PSP remakes.

Now if only we can solidify a U.S. release date…

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