There's no denying these days that videogames have become every bit as mainstream as movies. So when publishers release licensed videogames based on movies, they tend to go all out in attempts to making the polygonal world stay as true to the live-action as possible. One of the most important aspects is casting the actual crew of actors and actresses to reprise their respective role, and Konami's upcoming PS3, X360 and PSP title Hellboy is no different.

Based on the Guillermo Del Toro movie (which is in-turn based on the Mike Mignola comic-book), the videogame release of Hellboy will have Ron Pearlman voicing his character. But the game, will only be loosely based on the movie, and will feature a host of new additions such as monsters, characters, environments, and so on.

And really, who better to be Hellboy but a man as large, deep-voiced, and scary as Pearlman? In fact, I've actually had numerous nightmares about him. Hellboy, indeed…the guy haunts my sleep. But I've digressed, and perhaps that's a story I should leave for a therapist or something.

Konami plans to release Hellboy across the three consoles this Fall. No word on if the game will also feature promotional Hellboy 2 content, like stills or trailers.

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