Square-Enix continues to tempt everyone into buying a PSP. We'd heard about this before, and this will only add to the Final Fantasy blitz S-E is spearheading for 2007. They've already announced a remake of Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP, and now, it appears the very first two games in the series are officially listed.

If we take a look at EB Games' latest "coming soon" lists – and it's usually a reliable place to get some sweet new info – it seems Square-Enix really is preparing remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for the PSP. This should go a long way towards confirmation, even though the publisher has yet to make an official announcement.

According to the little bit of EB info, they say the two games will hit in June and July of this year, and each with a $39.99 price tag. However, while these lists are good for proving widespread rumors true, they're not good for depicting realistic release dates. So you may wish to take the June/July thing with a grain of salt.

But the titles were there. So we fully expect an official announcement this month, and perhaps even within the week…now that it's been leaked.

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