You may have heard a little "anniversary" package that Square-Enix would be releasing commemorating 20 years of Final Fantasy. While we all hoped it'd be something a little epic, like…Final Fantasy VII PS3 Remake, some of you may feel a little disappointed. We're not sure which Japanese publication printed this revelation, but Square-Enix will be releasing PSP remakes of Final Fantasy I and II. The games will include various additions over the previously updated GBA ports, and will both sport enhanced graphics (but not overhauled graphics).

Now here's my personal favorite bit from this news. Square-Enix also said that the PSP Final Fantasy Tactics: Lion War will feature a job called the "Dark Knight", but more importantly, the game will feature Balthier from Final Fantasy XII fame. Because FFXII and Final Fantasy Tactics actually share a storyline connection, the decision to include Balthier is brilliant. Oh, and even better, he isn't just a guest character like Cloud was. He'll be one of the main protagonists who will be accompanying Ramza throughout a lot of the game.

And that right there has just made my day and increased my excitement for the game.

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