Life continues to possess questions. Why is the sky blue? Why do birds suddenly appear every time they are near? And for royally pampered videogamers in Japan: what color console should I get? Ok, so that last one is more of a decision based question, but the fact still holds — Japanese folk are pampered when it comes down to a selection of console colors. It took Sony six years to release a PS2 that wasn't black in North America, and even then, it's just one color out of the many that were available for the Japanese crowd.

Well, it looks like Sony's going to be treating Japan yet again with a new color addition for the PSP: Champagne Gold. This classy addition to the PSP's palette of colors is probably my favorite thus far. The color is nice and not overly gold. Likewise fingerprints, dust and mild swirls probably wouldn't be too noticeable, as opposed to the black or white units. The unit will sell stand-alone for 20,790, or as part of bundle that contains Monster Hunter Portable 2nd for 27,300. The bundle also contains two skins, a unique Monster Hunter soft-case/pouch, and what look like cloth wipes. Lastly, 22,222 of these bundle packs will be sold. In any case, take a look at the pics of the gold console and start praying for an American release.

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