In a world full of numbers, we bring you…more numbers! Because we know how much you guys love your videogame mathematics, we present to you the latest weekly wave of Media Create sales — December 25th through December 31st. New comer Dragon Quest: Monster Joker, unsurprisingly, leaps to the very top as it debuts with 594k copies sold. Not much seems to have changed as the Nintendo DS retains its grasp on the chart, dominating 6 of the 10 spots. Wii Sports and Wii Play secure the #2 and 3 spots, and Konami's Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for PSP is at #8. PS2 game Dawn of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 4) rounds out at #10.

1. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (NDS, Square-Enix) 593,994 [Total: 593,994]

2. Wii Sports (Wii, Nintendo) 95,479 [Total: 566,707]

3. Wii Play (Wii, Nintendo) 83,487 [Total: 522,810]

4. Common Sense Training (NDS, Nintendo) 72,159 [Total: 953,520]

5. New Super Mario Bros. (NDS, Nintendo) 69,168 [Total: 3,840,296]

6. Brain Training 2 (NDS, Nintendo) 61,033 [Total: 3,706,467]

7. Pokémon Diamond (NDS, Nintendo) 56,222 [Total: 2,385,450]

8. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (PSP, Konami) 51,951 [Total: 230,321]

9. Animal Crossing Wild World (NDS, Nintendo) 50,248 [Total: 3,748,915]

10. Seiken Densetsu 4 (PS2, Square-Enix) 48,405 [Total: 200,467]

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