We always thought we'd see another "Rocky," but once Sly Stallone passed a certain age, we figured the dream was over. Not so, says Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and the 60-year-old Stallone, as "Rocky Balboa" hits theatres in less than one week's time.

And of course, with the popular movie series returning, a video game coinciding with the film must also arise. Ubisoft has announced today that Rocky Balboa , a new title for the PSP, is on the way.

Initially spotted on online retailers' websites in August as Rocky 6 (with virtually no additional information accompanying the listing), we now have a bit more official details. From what we've heard, the description of this game is a bit disheartening, as we find the Italian Stallion has lost his wife Adrian, and his son is just too busy to bother with a visit. Then a young boxer by the name of Mason "The Line" Dixon offers up a challenge, which Rocky accepts.

Still, updated information hints at the possibility of past opponents appearing in this new PSP title, and this includes the likes of Ivan Drago ("Rocky IV") and Clubber Lang ("Rocky III"). We don't have a solid release date, but Ubisoft states the game will be available "shortly after the movie's December 22, 2006 theatrical release."

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