We found out yesterday that the next installment in the Dragon Quest franchise was heading to the Nintendo DS, and today, Square-Enix has announced another juicy tidbit: the upcoming issue of Jump Magazine includes information on two new Final Fantasy Tactics titles.

The first platform that receives this gift is the PSP, which will sport Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou , which is supposedly an updated – and enhanced? – version of the original PS1 classic. Developers are adding a few new Jobs and some fresh cell-shaded movies, but beyond that, we'll have to wait for that Jump article for more details.

The next Tactics project is still under wraps; all we know about it is the title; Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Fuuketsu no Guurimore . Heck, we're not even sure which platform it's going to, but again, Jump has promised an update…perhaps not in the upcoming issue, though.

Both games are categorized under one massive series of projects that Square-Enix dubs, "Ivalice Alliance." Fans will recognize the name immediately, as Ivalice is the name of the world in both Final Fantasy Tactics and the recently released Final Fantasy XII . The DS's Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings is another part of this "Alliance."

We'll wait to gain more info from Jump as it becomes available, but we might get it sooner than we think. This weekend marks the Jump Fiesta comic/videogame show (kicks off on Saturday in Tokyo), so perhaps more details will arise then.

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