How many developers out there blend RPG, strategy, and puzzle elements into one all-encompassing and wildly addictive title? The answer, of course, is not many. But at least one is on the way…

D3Publisher announced today that Puzzle Quest: Warlords will be released for the PSP and DS, and that's a bit of good news for all handheld owners.

"We believe consumers will enjoy the combination of much-loved gameplay styles incorporated into Puzzle Quest and find the game to be a compelling choice for casual or on-the-go gamers, as well as offer a great challenge to more seasoned gamers," said Michael Scharnikow of D3. "Puzzle Quest can be enjoyed in either long or short doses of gameplay for a casual, yet also deeply satisfying and immersive, gameplay experience."

Puzzle Quest allows the player to create their own hero so as to rescue the world of Etheria from evil. To achieve ultimate success, you're going to work your way through three gameplay modes: single-player is just you vs. computer AI in a massive assortment of 150 quests, Instant Action lets you dive right in and tackle a bunch of battles to level up characters, and Multiplayer lets you take advantage of wireless connectivity to compete with human opponents, of course.

Both the PSP and DS versions of Puzzle Quest: Warlords are scheduled to ship some time in March of next year.

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