Whenever you hear the word "vaporware," you think of several games that have earned the label in the past. Diablo 3 , Duke Nukem Forever , and for handheld fans, Crisis Core . This new addition to the Final Fantasy VII universe was unveiled a long time ago, but finally – finally – Square-Enix is getting things in gear.

So yeah, it took a while, but the PSP entry in the FF VII compilation sereies will storm onto the scene in the form of a playable debut. Crisis Core will be available for sampling in only five short days, but of course, only Japan is getting the VIP treatment.

The game will appear in playable form in Square-Enix's booth at Jump Fiesta, the annual Sheuisha-held video game/comics event. They didn't release any details on what this demo will feature, but that hardly matters. In five days, we can, at long last, take Crisis Core off the depressing "vaporware" list.

Jump Fiesta begins this Saturday, so hopefully, we'll get some more info regarding the demo at that time.

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