Sid Meier's Pirates! is one of those long-standing, critically-acclaimed titles that has acquired quite the impressive following. It began in 1987, got a healthy remake in 2004, was ported over to the Xbox in 2005, and now, the strategy/adventure title will appear on the PSP.

As you take the role of a 17th-century Caribbean pirate captain, you'll try your dastardly hand at tracking down kidnapped party members, dealing out revenge for previous transgressions, and of course, racking up a huge amount of wealth via strategically-secured treasure. Heck, you can even pursue a wee bit 'o romance.

Take-Two Interactive is at the helm for the PSP version of Pirates! , set to release in North America some time in January 2007, and on February 27 in Europe. This new handheld version will sport several new features, including local wireless multiplayer for up to four players, a visual overhaul designed to fit the system's widescreen display, and a slew of new treasure hunts.

In this way, Take-Two is bringing the classic game to an all new generation of gamers, and hopefully, it will maintain the same level of quality Pirates! is so well known for.

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