Once again, it's time to whip out the PSP and hook up for an update. This one, issued today in the form of PSP v2.82, is available in all territories on the official PSP System Update sites. So head on over to your respective region and get crackin':

PSP Updater – North America

PSP Updater – Europe

PSP Updater – Japan

This latest update is another security patch for the little handheld, and unfortunately, there's nothing else to get excited about. Even more depressing, this is the second update in a row without any new content, because v2.81 was also just a security patch. If we all remember, though, v2.80 had a bunch of cool stuff: RSS media support, new Photo/Music/Video folder structure, etc. And now, we find out that many of those updates may have been planned as the first baby steps in prepping the PSP to integrate with the PS3.

At last week's Gamer's Day, Sony hinted at some major features in an upcoming update (poossibly PSP 3.0). These highly anticipated features included the new Remote Play feature, integrating with the PlayStation Store, PSP-specific and cross-platform integrating of the PlayStation Network, and providing the abililty to download PS1 games for play on the PSP.

But those sweet updates aren't quite ready yet, so in the meantime, there's just one measly update to list for PSP v2.82:

But it's not all about the security patch regarding PSP news today. SCEA has finally posted up Halloween LocoRoco , the Halloween-themed level specifically designed for the PSP. Just remember that this little demo requires update v2.82 in the U.S. Loco is available here for a limited time.

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