Sony used Gamer's Day to present a number of intriguing functions of the PS3, and many of those functions used an advanced version of the XMB menu, the same menu the PSP utilizes. Two of these neat new features is a Friends List for online play and the fully-realized PlayStation Store. Of course, these are things the PSP could use to its benefit…

But for whatever reason, more details or info wasn't available regarding this issue, but we're supposed to expect an update for the PlayStation firmware in the near future, perhaps around the time of the PS3 launch. The specific features included in tha next version haven't been revealed, but we'd guess it has a little something to do with that sweet Remote Play feature.

Both the Store and Friends List appear to be something that could be added to the PSP, and actually, Sony hinted more than once that this was a serious plan. Having portable access to your PS3 would be a major benefit for both systems, and we doubt the company would just let it slide by after that demonstration yesterday. Keep checking back for more details involving the long-awaited PSP update.

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