Later last month, we noticed a few bizarre games on the PSP release list, specifically the downloadable PC and Mac games Platypus and Luxor . Today, those two titles were confirmed as the first PSP games from Texas-based casual game guru, MumboJumbo.

Luxor: Wrath of Set is the most recent installment in the action/puzzle franchise that has experienced more than 40 million downloads in the past two years. Similar to a game like Ballistic , Luxor requires players to destroy a field of colored balls by firing like-colored balls from a cannon. And while this may sound strikingly similar to Bust-a-Move , the game also implements a different twist; the cannon can move horizontally along the bottom of the screen.

Platypus , while technically a "casual" game, is actually accepted by the hardcore set. It's a side-scrolling 2D shooter reminiscent of Gradius , but this one has its own unique style…the graphics are comprised entirely of clay.

The two games will retail for $29.99 each when they are released next month for the PSP.

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