Deadline Games really likes the whole "south of the border" theme, don't they? They created Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico for the PC, PS2, and Xbox in 2005, and now they're headin' back to the land of jalapenos to bring us a savory bowl of Chili… Chili Con Carnage for the PSP, to be specific.

This time around, Deadline is teaming up with mega-publisher Eidos, and they're likely to create one heck of a spicy adventure. Early information and screenshots point towards a mix of Total Overdose and Grand Theft Auto , so expect Chili Con Carnage to be another over-the-top hectic action title.

In fact, it's likely this new game it taking a lot of cues from that other Mexican shootout released last year. There are rumors that the storylines may even be linked, but Eidos would not confirm any such similarity or "sequel"-esque style for Chili . We do know the gamer will take control of Ramiro Cruz, a hot-shot modern-day gunslinger who crosses the border to take on those infamous druglords. Cruz is seeking revenge for the murder of his father, but that's probably where the seriousness will end.

The game isn't likely to be too dark, especially considering some of your targets: "mutated super-Mamas" and "killer exploding chickens." Oh, and Cruz can even dodge bullets Matrix-style, although we don't have any concrete details about the main character's abilities just yet. Finally, Chili Con Carnage will feature wireless multiplayer modes and several difficulty levels.

Stay tuned for more info featuring this exotic new PSP title.

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