Mercury may be bad for your health, but it's suddenly getting a ton of recognition on multiple platforms. To keep the legacy alive, the PSP gets another installment in the shiny liquid's franchise, entitled Mercury Meltdown .

Ignition Entertainment announced today they've shipped the game all across North America; it's a complex and addictive puzzler that is destined to grab your attention. Meltdown is actually a sequel to Mercury , the PSP's first blob-based title, and this new one will feature over 160 new puzzles.

The sequel boasts a brand new artistic style, gives you twice as many stages as the original, adds the appreciated free-look camera, and offers new ways to control that slithering liquid metal. Further, you'll have the benefit of two-player competition, party games, game sharing, custom skins, and a variety of downloadable content.

Another Mercury game is also set to appear on the PS2, as we reported last month. It seems this thing is invading everywhere, and there's always a reason: top-quality coupled with popularity. So get moving! Mercury may last forever, but these copies may not…

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