No, I didn't typo "Guitar Hero". And no, Gitaroo Man isn't some wannabe rip-off, it's actually older than Guitar Hero. You see, before Guitar Hero, there was Koei's Gitaroo Man for the PlayStation 2. Originally released in 2002, Koei has recently announced that they will be releasing Gitaroo Man Lives! here in the United States for the PSP on November 14th. Essentially a port of the original, Gitaroo Man Lives! has been out in Japan for a number of months now, and arrived in Europe just a few weeks ago. Yes, it's a little weird how we're the last ones to get a game release — but nevertheless, it's on its way and will be here November 14th.

Featured will be 10 stages from the original PS2 game, new songs, a duet mode, and a multiplayer mode utilizing the PSP's wireless capabilities. Though a port, the game will retail for $39.99. And no, there won't be any guitar accessories available for it.

(Editor's note: Just as an aside…for educational purposes, it is actually Konami that pioneered the guitar-based rhythm game with countless Guitar Freaks games released in Japan.)

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