Much like Microsoft and their dedication to showing off Live Arcade titles, Sony isn't restricting their news to the PS3 at TGS. They've showed off a bunch of new titles and even have a demo download area specifically for the PSP, so they're not forgetting the handheld fans. And if you don't have one of these high-tech little gadgets yet, you'll soon have the chance to choose from a couple snazzy colors…provided you're in Japan.

Going into TGS, we were already aware of the upcoming pink PSP for Europe in October. Now, Japan will get the same, but they one-upped Europe by displaying a slick silver PSP as well. Both the pink and silver should be available in Japan some time soon, and we'll wait to see if North America is next on the list. A pink Slimline PS2 was also announced for Europe earlier this year, but while it was on display, there was no confirmation regarding a Japanese or U.S. release.

Sony gave show-goers a chance to see other color variations for the PSP, but all were nothing more than prototypes. Evens so, the blue, red, and yellow PSPs with glossy metallic veneers and camouflage PSPs probably managed to turn some heads. Stay tuned to see if the pink or silver (or both!) PSP will make its way to the U.S.

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