Initially founded by former Black Box developers in June of 2005, Deep Fried Entertainment will soon be churning out several PSP games for Sega.

During their pre-EA days, Black Box headed up a variety of Sega projects, including Sega Soccer Slam and NHL 2K . Then, five developers went rogue and became ex-Black Box boys, opting to head over the border to Vancouver and open up a studio of their own. In doing so, they brought along their experience with the likes of NFL Gameday , MDK 2 , Baldurs Gate , and the Need for Speed: Underground franchise.

Sega continues its push to establish professional ties with Western developers; recently, they acquired The Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive, and Secret Level. They've furthered their reach beyond Japanese shores by also signing development deals with Silicon Knights, Obsidian Entertainment, Monolith Productions, and Bizarre Creations.

As of yet, there are no details regarding the PSP projects Deep Fried will be working on.

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