There's no shortage of new games popping up for the PSP, and this week is no exception.

LucasArts and TT Games announced they've shipped Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, and Konami added their Bomberman title to the day's news. Both should be in stores in the next few days, and both should carry a seriously high fun factor.

The sequel to the first Lego Star Wars features the full trilogy in all its blocky – yet lively – splendor, and don't let the family feel throw you. There's a great deal of customization in this one, as it features over 60 playable characters (with another 50 in Free Play mode) with a large assortment of attachable arms, legs, torsos, and heads, some of which must be unlocked. You can mix 'n match to your heart's content, and you can even traverse the quasi-spoof world in a variety of vehicles.

Bomberman's classic battles have always sported some frenetic action interspersed with real strategy, and this feel will remain intact for the PSP. But don't expect the same ol', same ol'; the little explosive hero has some new tricks up his sleeve. For instance, there's a new items storage system that allows him to collect power-ups and use them whenever he pleases. Furthermore, Bomberman includes a Classic Mode that features over 50 original 2D levels recreated in splendid 3D graphics. Another appealing element is the multiplayer, which allows four players to customize the parameters of each match.

Keep fillin' out the PSP shelf, guys. We fans appreciate the effort.

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