A quick note at Capcom's website has turned a lot of heads, as one of the most acclaimed action franchises appears to be heading to the PSP.

While the fourth installment for the PS3 has got fans drooling, those crafty devs at Capcom haven't forgotten the handheld owners. There is no detailed information as of yet, but it seems apparent that it won't be a Metal Gear Acid-style game; Devil May Cry should retain much of the stylish fast-slashing action that made such an impressive impact on the PS2. Therefore, we may be looking at a direct port of the original to the PSP, which ought to get the job done.

Early rumors are just beginning to swirl, but we'll likely get more concrete information at the Tokyo Game Show in a few weeks. Perhaps when Devil May Cry 4 launches its offical website (today or tomorrow, supposedly), we'll also get a few tasty morsels regarding this hot new handheld title.

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