Before this rumor gets terribly out of control, a variety of blog sites and forums are reporting that PSM (not to be confused with OPM) is reporting a redesigned PSP to be released next March that it'll sport two analog nubs/thumb sticks, 8GB of built in memory, thinner, lighter, and a camera. Well, thanks to my lifetime free subscription to the magazine, I can confirm the reports as untrue — sort of. It does seem like the PSP will be getting a redesign next year that'll be thinner and lighter than what we have now. That word comes way of a number of PSP developers closely working with Sony.

Now, what about the rest of the hoopla? Alright, well the two analog nubs report is a personal PSM wish; they say that if they were behind 'retooling' the PSP that they'd implement an additional nub. The camera report claims that a camera-ready PSP is believed to be in the works — we can only assume that this will come with the lighter and thinner PSP. Fear not PSP early adopters, as an attachable camera is supposed to be released for the current PSP regardless. The 8GB built in memory rumor comes from a report that claims Sony bought a plethora of 8GB flash memory hardware recently for an unknown reason.

So there you have it, you can formulate your own opinions in regards to this whole debacle. My personal belief is that yes, indeed, a lighter/thinner PSP will appear (a'la Nintendo DS Lite) with a built in camera, around the same time Sony releases the attachable camera unit for the original PSP. As far as the 8GB memory, somehow I foresee the PSP coming in two packages: standard and premium — the premium having the 8GB memory out of the box (be it an actual memory stick, or internal).

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