In somewhat of an "out-of-the-blue" announcement today, Ubisoft has revealed that their Montreal studio is working on a Star Wars game for the PSP (and DS, but it's being handled by another dev group) entitled Star Wars: Lethal Alliance.

The events of Lethal Alliance take place between Episodes III and IV, with the player taking the role of tentacle-headed Twi'Lek Rianna Saren. The lithe, acrobatic Saren is accompanies by her defensive specialist droid Zeeo as they try to steal the schematics for the Death Star.

As expected of any Star Wars game, familiar locations and characters will pop up. You'll head to Tatooine, pre-blown-to-smithereens Alderaan, and even the Death Star itself along the way. Many of the major players in the universe will make an appearance, but most interesting perhaps, is Kyle Katarn, hero of the video games Dark Forces and Jedi Knight. Katarn ended up actually stealing the plans for the Death Star, indicating that there may be some sort of crossover with the plots of those two classic games.

Ubisoft also plans to implement some form of multiplayer, though they've yet to indicate exactly what that entails.