What was once an unlikely venue is quickly becoming another hotspot for the video game industry. Several companies are making small, but still notable appearances at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, the biggest convention of its kind in the US. Among those, of course, is Sony whose "PSP University" session shed some new light on upcoming developments.

The most interesting facts, of course, are the new ones. Firmware 2.80 was announced for next Thursday and is reported to include support for RSS Video feeds through the web browser as well as a free demo of World Tour Soccer 2. It is not known what else might come along with the update, but they did talk about other aspects of the PSP's future. The Sony Connect service is still on the way and has been delayed because they're trying to find a reliable way to copy protect the movies they plan to add to the service soon (it only offers audio content at the moment). This, and a mention that they're working on some form of video out means that the company is getting serious about digital distribution. PSP owners have clamored for more and better media options and it seems that, with retailers dropping the UMD Movie format, Sony is finally willing to oblige. Also brought up was the ability to use the PSP as a remote for the PS3, though exact functionality was not mentioned.

In addition to the new info, Sony also showed off clips of upcoming games like Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, SOCOM FTB 2, etc. while pushing their lineup of PSP greatest hits coming later this month and promising to work with communications companies to put up more wifi hotspots.