You wanted it from day one, and now Sony has finally listened. Starting in August, Sony will begin distributing movies with its 1GB and 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo models.

Called the Memory Stick Entertainment Pack, the package will include a disc containing four movies. When you insert the disc into your PC, the disc will prompt you for a code from the packaging, which will allow you to place one of the movies onto the included Memory Stick.

The four movies to be distributed are XXX: State of the Union, Hitch, The Grudge, and Swat. The 1GB pack will retail for roughly $60, whereas the 2GB pack will sell for approximately $100.

While this is a far cry from the on-demand downloadable movies that people want, it is a start at least. Also, those Memory Stick prices represent a significant price-drop compared to what first-party sticks sell for now.

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