OK, so you didn't click on this post to hear a bad Julie Andrews impression, but any new rumor that plays across the internet is bound to cause as much drama as a Nazi raid on the Von Trapp family. Well, at least in terms of magnitude, if not importance…

So what's the scoop this time? Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is supposedly revealing a new PSP title in development that's a sequel to a popular game. Speculation was expectedly rampant with guesses running the gamut from Resident Evil to a Chain of Memories-style Kingdom Hearts side story.

While the new issue of Famitsu has yet to actually hit newsstands, reports from those who have access to early copies report that it is likely Monster Hunter Portable 2 – exciting for Japan, but not so much for American gamers who didn't seem to take to the first one that well. However, the also rumored addition of Infrastructure online play may sweeten the deal for potential buyers all around.

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