In their infinte wisdom, Sony will released a demo of Every Extend Extra

to Playstation Spots in Japan. That means in order to get it, you'll have to find one of few kiosks in the country, physically travel there, and then download it. At least the demo won't be lost after you shut off the PSP, unlike those for the Nintendo DS.

But what is this oddly-named game, you ask? What is so Extra about Every Extend? Well, the title makes more sense than it lets on – the object of the game is to preserve your life by destroying yourself and creating large chains of destruction all while dodging bullets, shoot 'em up style. Create huge, point-guzzling chains and you'll be awarded with an extra life, or "extend." The Extra part has been tacked on to the original name due to the fact that the new PSP title is the expansion of an original concept by Japanese indy developer OMEGA. Q Entertainment, the brains behind Lumines and Meteos, have infused the formula with their unique brand of music-themed gameplay in addition to a longer play experience and various other extras.

Sound fun? Well, despite the decision to make the demos as hard to obtain as humanly possible (I hear they're setting up flaming hoops around Playstation Spot kiosks), there may be a web demo popping up sooner or later. The Official Site has had the "Trial Ver." option greyed out since its launch, but that may soon change since this latest news seems to indicate the game is ready for public viewing.

Keep an eye on it, but in the meantime you can always play a pre-existing demo of sorts – the original Every Extend – by downloading it from OMEGA's site .