Codemasters has sent word that Race Driver 2006 has shipped for the PSP and
will soon be in stores, patiently sitting on store shelves waiting for you to
take it home. The game features more than 60 different racing circuits and 50
vehicles – but why take my word for it? Let's let Codemasters brag for a minute:

From the press release:
* Game Share – allowing up to four players to enjoy fantastic WLAN racing from
just one UMD disc.
* Up to 12-player WLAN play – the most players ever seen in a PSP system title.
* Exclusive Championship mode – the Trans World Cup – race around the world
competing in new event-based challenges with aim of becoming the world’s best
* The Trans World Cup mode is specifically tailored to give quick accessible
play in short bursts, making it perfect for gaming on the PSP system.
* Master 60 exhilarating and authentic racetracks, including Laguna Seca, Pike’s
Peak, Road America and Nashville Super Speedway.
* The game offers players over 50 sensational machines to race, including the
Dodge Charger, Buick Gran Sport 455, Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 and the Koenig
* The most exciting and intense racing on the PSP system – race against up to 21
cars on track at one time.
* Fantastic special effects – full environment maps, realistic damage effects,
detailed particle systems and customizable soundtracks.

The game will retail for $39.99.

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