The original Coded Arms came and went like whisper, the few who played it not liking much of what they heard. Nonetheless, Konami has chosen to go ahead with 2 spin-offs/sequels, one for the PSP and PS3 respectively.

Coded Arms: Contagion, for the PSP, features the return of A.I.D.A, a government comptuer system which you must defend as a virtual agent in cyberspace. Hackers are trying to break into the government to make classified information free and it is up to the player to stop them using his own hacking skills in tandem with a variety of high-tech weapons. Contagion will allow for ad-hoc and infrastructure multiplayer for up to 8 people. Get your first look here .

Coded Arms: Assault, for the PS3, runs with the theme, except this time you take the role of a hacker attempting to take down an evil corporation. Unlike Contagion, it will be running on the Unreal 3 engine and feature destructable environments. Assault will also feature online mutliplayer including a Co-op mode for up to 4. Take a peek .

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